Ja Rule and Fredro Starr commented on fights they had with 50 Cent during separate interviews this year. Now, 50 Cent is commenting on the statements made by Rule and Starr. 

“[The Ja Rule incident] is so old it doesn’t make sense to talk about it,” 50 said yesterday (August 20) in an upcoming G-Unit special on SiriusXM, according to AllHipHop. “Even around that, you had Fredro [Starr] come back and say something. These guys man…I fucked them up bad. Whenever a person let that much time go by and they come back with some shit like that.”

Rule addresses fights with 50 Cent in his book, Unruly. 50 further discussed this during yesterday’s interview.

“I thought the book was about your life?” 50 said. “I guess I’m your motherfucking life.” 

In his book, Rule described the scuffle as follows

“50 tried to swing on me, but I dipped, then I hit him with the baby Louisville Slugger,” Ja Rule writes. “Bam! I dropped the bat. I pulled the shirt over his head. I started catching him left, right, uppercut.”

Starr said the following about his brawl with 50.

“Nigga tried to swing on me,” Starr said. “Nigga missed. Straight up.” 

During the interview, which Tony Yayo has refuted, Starr also said he made several people in 50’s camp run. 

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