Lupe Fiasco, who recently said that he is treated like a third-class citizen by his record label, also recently spoke about protests that have been taking place for Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this month. 

“The tragic death of Mike Brown was the product of a system that can be changed,” Fiasco says via Twitter. “Protests & activism satisfy passions for the moment…Long term goals & solutions must be on the minds of folks so events like this never happen again especially once the news leaves…Long term change only happens from within. #LongLiveMikeBrown” 

Fiasco’s Twitter message follows several days of protests that have been taking place around the country in the name of Michael Brown. The protests in Ferguson, Missouri have included at least 31 arrests, according to the Los Angeles Times. Demonstrations have been described as everything from peaceful to violent, the news outlet says.

Fiasco joins several acts in speaking about Ferguson, including J. Cole, T.I. and Nelly

Along with these messages, Fiasco has urged fans to look into joining police academies in Missouri.

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