The prevalence of mixtapes and free albums has inspired to craft “A Ranking Of The Dopest Free Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes.” 

“Formerly recorded by deejays to display their skills or break exclusive songs, these projects are now designed to either build new artists from the ground up or help others maintain a buzz until a label signs off on a retail release,” the story says. “Stars such as Drake and J. Cole got their start this way while Jay Z took this approach just for the sake of competition.”

Among the projects listed is Jay Z’s S. Carter Collection

“After releasing albums for seven consecutive years, Jay Z decided to release a free mixtape celebrating one of his earliest corporate deals,” Green Label’s story says. “In conjunction with his Reebok sneaker, the S. Carter Collection featured new and old rhymes that clearly demonstrated why Jay had already cemented his status as an all-time great.”

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