This was received to the general “editor” email address to HHDX and should not be taken as an opinion of HHDX or it’s staff.

I am an informed insider, and employed at Hot 97. I feel compelled to tell what is actually going on.

Ms. Jones and Todd Lynn had NOTHING to do with the writing or production of the Tsunami Song. The song was written and produced by Rick Delgado, who is the producer and supervisor of the morning show.

Everyone involved in the production participated under duress.

Ms. Jones is not the singing voice. The song was voiced by Rick Delgado, DJ Envy, and the production assistant Tasha Hightower, who initially objected to performing the song, but were coerced by the producer to participate in the project.

This is actually what happened. The truth is Todd Lynn may have made a mistake in his shooting Asians statement, but he nor Ms. Jones had anything to do with the written production of the Tsunami song, and nor are they racist.

Your energies are being SERIOUSLY misdirected at the wrong people. If you really want to combat racism, go to the root of the problem. Ms. Jones and Todd Lynn are on -air personalities.

They do not control what is played over the airwaves. This is a producer call ie: Rick Delgado, who was also the producer of the “Opie and Anthony” radio show; which was taken off the air for similar antics.

I am writing because I can no longer sit back and watch as two people who made a judgment error be touted as racists and called the Tsunami 2.

Please forward this email to everyone that you’ve emailed trying to derail Ms. Jones and Todd Lynn. They need to know the other side of the story in order to make a fair and balanced judgment to whether they should be fired or a continual suspension.

Please be proactive in looking for the truth and not reactive in condemning two radio personalities.

THE PRODUCER DID IT- Rick Delgado. Let it be known.

princess rock