While speaking with AllHipHop.com, Memphis, Tennessee lyricist Young Dolph spoke on the benefits of not using lean. He said that not using the drink will “help some people out” and will also aid in helping others live longer lives.

The rapper also went on to inform viewers that despite its recent popularity in music, lean has been around for well over 20 years.

“It’s really good,” Young Dolph said. “It’s going to help some people out. It’s going to save some people that having they daddies around a couple more extra years and shit like that. You feel what I’m saying? But, you can’t stop nobody from doing what they do. Everybody going to do what they do. I’ve been drinking that shit since I was 17 or something like that…Everybody drinking drink, but that shit been going on in the South about 20 years. Longer really. More than 20 years. You feel what I’m saying? So, it’s like now it’s like it used to be just regionally [and] now it’s nationally.”

After addressing the benefits of not using lean, Young Dolph went on to comment on his “Dream” record, referring to the song as raw, real, and authentic.

“Listen to ‘Dream.’ It’s just me all the way,” he said. “It’s like raw. It’s gutter. It’s real. It’s authentic. It ain’t like nobody else. Don’t sound like nobody else, no nothing. It’s telling a story. It’s all of that in one.”

Over the past few weeks, Young Dolph has appeared on a number of newly-released records from fellow artist Gucci Mane including “Choppa On The Couch” and “Felix Brothers.”

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