Currently travelling with Wiz Khalifa on the “Under The Influence Of Music Tour,” Ty Dolla $ign announced plans to release an album with YG and DJ Mustard in an interview with NEHipHop.

“Me and YG and Mustard low-key are about to do an album together,” he said. “The Pu$haz Ink the label album you know? We’re getting a label deal and shit. So that’s gonna be the first project we release. We always wanted to do it but now we’re gonna get paid to do it too so fuck it, let’s go.”

After describing the tour experience, Ty Dolla $ign explained plans for his own upcoming solo mixtape and album.

“The tour’s been pretty amazing so far,” he said. “We’ve been to a lot of cities and another country. That was my first time in Toronto so that was cool. The crowds have been going crazy everywhere that we go. We been smoking hella weed. There’s a lot of tour bus stories as well. This is a very special room you’re in…The influence [of the tour] is definitely part of the music. I’m trying to zone in and get into album mode. My album’s called Free TC, it’s more about some serious shit. But I just completed another mixtape that I’m about to just drop just because I’m doing all these songs. It’s definitely influenced by the tourbus and a lot of it was done on the tourbus. So, it’s pretty cool.”

Detailing the music on the album, the “Or Nah” artist also shared the back story behind the title. “I play bass on most of the projects,” he said. “But I’m definitely on this project. There’s this one song…my little brother TC, the same one that Free TC’s about, he’s in jail. He was on YG’s album as well, on ‘Thank God.’ But, he called me and I recorded him and then I made the beat around it…This is gonna be on the tape that I’m about to drop. I got another song with him for the album.”

During the tour bus interview Ty Dolla $ign also spoke about the possibility of further collaborations with Drake.

“Yeah we talked man,” he said. “He was supposed to be on ‘Or Nah’ originally but he was in Europe doing all types of other shit. Of course Drake’s busy. You know, we were talking about getting up again possibly for his album and on my album too so I’m excited about that.”

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