Sir Michael Rocks says you have to work in a specific studio if you want to collaborate with Mac Miller.

“Well, there’s only one way to be in the studio with Mac and that’s at his house because Mac does not leave his house,” Sir Michael Rocks says in an interview with HipHopDX. “Mac stays in the house. Mac records and makes beats and things like that all day everyday. I don’t think nobody’s seeing Mac on the work ethic, dog. When me and him work together, it’s always been a legit collaboration. It’s not like he has a song and I lay a verse on there. We’ll start it from scratch, come up with ideas and we’ll bounce ideas off of each other. We make up concepts and we’ll create the song together right then and there. Mac is a Capricorn like me, and we know how to collaborate with people. We’re not the type of people to just take control of everything. I’ve worked with people like that where they just gotta just take control of everything, every single little thing and it’s not a real collaboration.

“Me and Mac know how to compromise, and we know how to give a little, take a little, and leave a little off,” he continues. “I’ll say, ‘Alright, here I’m a leave space for you to do this, and I’m a come back and do these lines after that.’ And he’ll say, ‘Alright, I’m a record this part. Then you say the same thing on top of my vocals, and it’ll mix in together.’ So it’s just a real collaboration every time we’ve made something like that, and we always get a bunch of people saying, ‘Man y’all should do a whole little mixtape, do a whole EP together or something because y’all just really have a good chemistry.’ I feel like we both bring out things in our writing for each other and we both bring out things in our writing from each other whenever we work together. I just feel really free whenever I work with him. I’m like, ‘Alright this can go anywhere.’

“It’s not really a set, and it’s not really set subject matter,” he adds. “If I go to get on a song with Jadakiss, I’m a go do the Jadakiss thing and you know, do that. But if I go get on a song with Wiz, I’m a do the Wiz thing and we’ll do the song like that. But with me and Mac, it can go anywhere. We’ll make a collaboration, and he could have an idea, start off one place and I could take it another. In the end, there’s always this common unity that we share on the song that always brings it together. No matter if he’s talking about something a little different than what I’m talking about, the tone is always the same or the overall ideas always united. We know how to just bring out a good side of each other, whenever we get on songs.” 

Due to the good chemistry between the two emcee-producers, a joint project may not be far off, particularly because they’ve discussed doing a collaborative effort. 

“Will we have a full project together?” Sir Michael Rocks says. “He actually wanted to start something a while ago. He was like, ‘Yo, I’m a make all these beats, and you rap on the beats.’ I didn’t know if he was trying to get on the beats too. He probably would, but that kind of stuff is definitely possible. Once again, you just gotta go over his house. You just gotta go lock yourself in Mac’s crib for however long it takes to record it. But yeah, if we decided on it, I think we would definitely do it. We would definitely make it happen. I could see that happening for sure.” 

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Additional Reporting By: Jocelyn Valencia

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