Joell Ortiz recently offered praise to fellow New York City artist Bobby Shmurda over the visuals to his record, “Hot Nigga.” The Brooklyn rapper says the song provided a welcomed contrast in a genre that has become “too shiny, tight, and bright.”

Joell even went on to compare Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” music video to the video for Juvenile’s 400 Degreez record, “Ha,” which was filmed in New Orleans’ Magnolia Projects.

“I love Bobby Shmurda,” he said during an interview with This Is 50 Radio. “I’mma tell you why. It has nothing to do with—That has nothing to do with lyricism…Cause y’all saw the video? I think that’s why that matters the most though. It’s because it’s been really, really pretty for a long time now. I’m tired of what New York has been looking like. I’m glad he took to The Ave. I’m glad he took it to plastic cups…It’s been too shiny, tight, and bright for a while now. You know what I’m saying? So, I like it. It was genuine. It wasn’t made up. It wasn’t gimmicky. It went cause it felt—Everybody liked it. For whatever reason. Nobody was listening like ‘Yo, you heard the bars?’ It was just a party in Flatbush. He made the world want to party on that block…Do y’all remember when we first saw Juvenile ‘Ha’ video? And you was like ‘That’s what New Orleans—That’s what they look like?’ Cause we didn’t really know. ‘That’s Magnolia? Like yo, they wild’…People stopped seeing what New York looked like, man. I’m happy.”

The Slaughterhouse emcee later offered an update on both his solo project and Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album. He revealed that the group album is done, but was put on the backburner due to their televised battle rap event, “Total Slaughter.”

“Our album is finished, but we unrolled ‘Total Slaughter,’” he said. “Like we was talking about. So, that made our album take a backseat because that got legs of its own and started running around. And now we already in talks for season two…I got my solo album coming in September though, House Slippers.”

Joell was later asked if he’s ever battled with Eminem, to which he responded, “Don’t be a fool,” before proclaiming that “it’s a pleasure” to work with the Detroit emcee.

Lastly, the rapper gave his thoughts on “Total Slaughter” when asked what artist stood out the most for him.

“Murda Mook,” he said. “I’mma tell you why. Murda Mook was—he was the underdog in that Loaded Lux battle. Loaded Lux was coming off so much steam…Everybody had Lux. You couldn’t get a bet. Like you couldn’t get a bet. If you had Lux it was like ‘I got him too.’ You know what I mean? Yo, I never go against my gut, right? I never go against my gut, but we was backstage, right? And Mook reminded me of how I be before I ate something. He was pacing. He was saying his rhymes…It was just like seeing a caged [animal]. ‘Yo, as soon as they call my name I’m finishing him.’”

Joell Ortiz’ interview with This Is 50 Radio can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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