After months of promotional lead-up, the Total Slaughter battle event took place tonight (July 12) at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. 

Each battle was refereed by DJ Kay Slay and the event was hosted by Sway Calloway. Ebro Darden and Slaughterhouse rapper Royce Da 5’9 provided post-battle commentary before each winner was announced. 

With all the battles judged by Poison Pen, Kid Capri, and Drect, a full winners list is available below. 

Joe Budden Vs. Hollow Da Don

Winner: Hollow Da Don

In a contentious battle between one of Battle Rap’s top-tier performers Hollow Da Don and industry rapper Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don took home the victory in the headline battle at Total Slaughter. The battle was riddled with microphone difficulties and Joe Budden rapped from a hand-held microphone as a result. Upon hearing loud boos from the crowd during his last round, Budden said, “If ya’ll don’t stop booing I’m gonna stop rapping.” The emcee kept his promise and laid the microphone down on the stage before being granted extra time to finish his round. 

Unlike the rest of the battles, both rappers left the stage before the announcement was made. 

Loaded Lux Vs. Murda Mook

Winner: Murda Mook

In a much-talked about rematch, Murda Mook returned to Battle Rap with a win against Loaded Lux. During one of his rounds, Murda Mook aired out an unreleased dis track by Loaded Lux aimed at a present-in-the-crowd Busta Rhymes. During the final battle, Loaded Lux and Busta Rhymes were seen exchanging words near the judges. The Mook versus Lux battle also earned praise from Ebro Darden who claimed he may have been converted into a Battle Rap fan as a result. 

T-Rex Vs. Daylyt

Winner: T-Rex

Despite his claims that he wouldn’t bring any antics to his match against T-Rex, Daylyt arrived on stage dressed as Spawn and spent the better part of his third round stripping down to his underwear yet again. With the crowd booing the antics, Daylyt failed to rap for most of the last round. 

Arsonal Vs. Big T

Winner: Arsonal 

In the night’s first battle, Road To Total Slaughter alums Big T and Arsonal faced off. While Big T’s lyrics were hard to hear throughout, Arsonal quickly garnered the crowd’s favor with loud cheers through much of the battle. The New Jersey rapper received in-person support in the crowd from Vin Rock of Naughty By Nature and leveraged harsh words for every member of the Road To Total Slaughter household. 


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