Atlanta, Georgia native T.I. was recently in Philadelphia and decided to stop by the radio station there to talk things all Philly.

Sitting down with Hot 107.9’s Q Deezy, T.I. was asked about his former business partner Meek Mill and offered advice on how to spend his time in jail.

“It’s really just take time to work on him, plan and strategize for his retirement because it’s going to come sooner then the thinks,” T.I. said when asked about Meek Mill. “With that kind of time you really take the time to make you focus being a better person, how to make your machine more full-proof, how to come back on this side of society stronger, better, smarter, wiser then you were before and correcting the mistakes that could have possibly got you on the path to where you ended up; not to say that he did anything and deserves to be there. I’m not saying that by any means but. But for ever man in life there comes a point where we got to stop, look in the mirror and say something about this got to change and progress.”

Meek Mill will be imprisoned until at least September and was arrested last month over what was reportedly his behavior while on probation. He previously posed with a gun in a picture posted on Instagram, and was sentenced to three to six months in jail. T.I. also said Meek was one of the “coldest youngsters out” and his experience in the streets makes him stand out.

“He really one of the smartest and coldest youngsters out there on the mic,” he said. “I say Meek, Yo Gotti and my brother, God bless the dead, Doe B are probably one of the most savvy, as far as being young and slick and they know the game, they lived it and they spit it but they ain’t too far ahead of themselves to actually kick back and observe and listen to people who have been where they’re trying to go. I take notice to that in youngsters.”

Meek Mill was formerly involved with Tip’s Grand Hustle imprint as the deal the two agreed to fell through. Meek would later sign to Maybach Music Group, however there were never any hard feelings between the two after Meek’s departure. T.I. noted during the radio interview that he had talked to Meek the day before. T.I. Also noted that his ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture is slated to be released in between the end of September and the middle of October.

“Me being an artist and making music, I feel like the certification of the authenticity of such should be Paperwork,” T.I. said when describing the album.

Watch a segment of the interview below:

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