While speaking on Kanye West versus Drake, radio host Charlamagne compared the two rappers to professional basketball players. The Breakfast Club personality made the comparison when he was asked what his thoughts are on Kanye sharing his belief that Drake has surpassed him as the most popular rapper.

He revealed that Kanye West is comparable to Kobe Bryant while Drake is the LeBron James of his era. Brooklyn rapper Jay Z was also brought up and dubbed the Michael Jordan of rap.

“See the difference between Kanye and Drake is Kanye is at that table with the G.O.A.T.s,” Charlamagne said during an interview with Vlad TV. “He’s at that table with the Jay Zs, the Biggies, the Pacs. He’s at that table. He’s in that discussion. He is for all intents and purposes the Kobe Bryant of his era. If Jay was Jordan, Kanye would have had to been Kobe. And now Drake is LeBron, you know? And you gotta throw Wayne in the mix somewhere with that situation. But Kanye’s at that table, man. He’s absolutely at that table. Drake is still working. Will he get at that table? I’m sure he will.”

Charlamagne also spoke on Kanye’s most recent studio album, Yeezus. He compared the album to Common’s Electric Circus and shared his hopes that Ye’s next studio album will be more along the lines of Be.

“Without question,” he said when asked about Kanye commenting on Drake surpassing him as the most popular rapper. “I don’t think he can get it back. When people move on they move on. And that’s not a knock to anything that Kanye’s doing cause Kanye—I’m hoping Yeezus was Kanye’s Electric Circus. And I’m hoping his next album is his Be. Remember when Common came with Electric Circus? That shit was crazy, all over the place. Then he got back—He got with Kanye and made Be with ‘The Corner’ and all that. Dope. I’m hoping Ye does something like that.”

The radio host also criticized Drake’s comments about Macklemore at the ESPY Awards, a move he says was “corny” since Drake already “gets his just due.”

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