Adam “Pacman” Jones has taken offense to a photo Ludacris posted on his Instagram account yesterday (August 5). 

The rapper posted a photo collage that featured an image of Jones, who underwent neck surgery in 2010, wearing a neck brace. The image was included in a collection of three photos that also featured one photo of women in bikinis sitting on the shoulders of men in a pool. One woman, who is overweight, is also isolated from the larger photo and placed next to the image of Jones. Ludacris’ caption is #nowthatsludicrious.

The image is below.

Jones responded to Ludacris’ post with a threat.

“@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your ass …. Now post that #pussy,” Jones wrote on his Instagram account.

Last month, Ludacris was criticized for another one of his Instagram posts. A photographer said the Georgia rapper posted one of his photos without giving him credit


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