John John Da Don says that a battle between himself and Hollow Da Don would be a good way to address their conflict, according to

“I feel like that’s the best way to resolve it,” he said. “As far as me and Hollow, we spoke on the phone a few days after the situation. Hollow know he gotta see me in that ring sooner or later. He know. I got some shit. We still got some shit to talk about.”

John John Da Don also says that Hollow Da Don is “just chasing ghosts.”

“He’s just trying to get as big as he can,” he says. “He went from Surf, to Lux, to Joe Budden. I don’t know. He’s probably trying to get Obama next. I feel like he just gonna keep trying to go up. He gonna try and avoid battling current battle rappers because these niggas that ain’t been doing it, it’s easier. It’s easy. It wasn’t that easy with him and Joe surprisingly. But that was because of that big stage. If this was the URL crowd, Hollow would’ve ripped Joe’s head off.”

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