Childish Gambino made headlines yesterday (July 28) when he said he was better than many, if not all of today’s Rap stars, but the emcee also has a place in the TV world.

Recently, Community creator Dan Harmon said he would love to have Gambino, who acts as Donald Glover, return to the series he was once a part of.

Community, which was cancelled after five episodes of its season 5, by NBC, is set to come back as a series with Yahoo Screen.

“The first thing I want is to get Donald Glover back. I would do anything to have him,” Harmon said to TVLine. “I told Yahoo to do everything they could do to get him back for as much as we can get him.”

However, Harmon won’t settle for a cameo in one episode, he says.

“I think it would be lame to get him back for one [episode],” he adds. “The whole episode would be dealing with him appearing and then he’d be whisked away.”

Harmon says he’s still trying to reach Gambino about a Community return.

Earlier this year, Gambino spoke about leaving Community

“I think the biggest, shittiest thing that came out of me leaving Community is people being like, ‘He wants to go do music,'” he said at the time. “I think people think I hated Community, and I just wanted more time to some other projects that I felt like if I didn’t do now, it would be a detriment,” Gambino says. “But I would love to make a film. I’d love to make a video game, more apps, I just want to do a bunch of stuff.” 

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