When Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, left his role on the television series Community, many people questioned the career choice. Gambino spoke about how some of these doubts made him feel during a recent interview with Billboard

“I think the biggest, shittiest thing that came out of me leaving Community is people being like, ‘He wants to go do music.’ I think people think I hated Community, and I just wanted more time to some other projects that I felt like if I didn’t do now, it would be a detriment,” Gambino says. “But I would love to make a film. I’d love to make a video game, more apps, I just want to do a bunch of stuff.” 

Gambino says he’s had a chance to write a script since leaving Community, among other things. 

“Now that the album’s [because the internet] out, I’ve written the script to Atlanta and FX bought the script, which is done,” Gambino says. “And I really like it. I’m really proud of it. It’s a show that I feel like people are going to like. But I’m still, like, working on that. I’m looking towards the next Childish Gambino project. We have a couple of things that we have going on there.” 

Childish Gambino’s because the internet came out in 2013. because the internet sold 3,784 copies this week, helping the album reach 231,903 units. 

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