While shooting a video for Complex recently, Curren$y was also able to reflect on his relationship with Big Sean.

“Me and dude, we got a clip of records,” Curren$y says. “We’ve got tons of stuff. We’ve been working for a minute.”

The emcee says it’s great to work with his friend for several reasons. “It’s crazy to come to the homie’s crib and to see everything is working out for him,” Curren$y adds. “He got a studio in his crib. That’s everybody’s dream in the game, to set it up like that. I just got a set up at my house to be able to work, too. It’s just tight to see where we at ’cause I remember where we were.”

Part of seeing where he’s been and where he is, also involves an analysis of his evolution as an artist.

“My sound evolved,” Curren$y explains. “Through success, I’m able to work with different people. So, you can hear that I’m not recording in acloset in an apartment, or you can hear that I got Pharrell to do this beat as opposed to the homie.”

In June of this year, Curren$y spoke with HipHopDX about his The Drive In Theater release.

“I’m on HipHopDX?” Curren$y said. “I ain’t gonna lie… I got a pretty sweet review for Drive In Theater. I want to say thank you, HipHopDX. Sometimes I used to get railroaded on the interviews. It’s no big deal. It’s all love. I never stopped checking the site. I would just be like, ‘Damn… they are getting creative with ways to say my tape is not hot.’ The fucking Drive In Theatre tape? I read that. I showed that to my momma ‘cause it’s tough to get a good one on HipHopDX. They are sticklers.” 

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