New Orleans rapper Curren$y recently spoke to about his disappointment-ridden journey from obscurity to respected recognition. After failing to see a single album come from his linking with Mr. Marcelo’s Tuff Guy Entertainment, C-Murder‘s TRU Records, and Lil Wayne’s Young Money (all due to unfortunate timing), the rapper finally signed to Dame Dash’s BluRoc Records. In a show of loyalty and nostalgia, Curren$y says he wears a Roc-A-Fella chain.

“I know a lot of people were wondering about what that was about when [Dame] gave me that chain,” he told Complex. “I was runnin’ with the chain because I didn’t want nobody to forget what he had done as far as what people remember when you say that name: what you associate with it and all the good that went with it. To not forget what [Dame] did and not write him out of his place in history because they tried to fuckin’ murder him in every book and magazine you picked up for the past two or three years.”

Curren$y also talked about working with Lil Wayne, whom he’d met in 2004 at a talent show. “We chopped it up at the talent show and then I went down to Miami and put some records down and I did that for a few years. Until I realized the same thing: that it wasn’t a good fit.” The rapper left Young Money and would eventually link up with BluRoc and JET International. He says he hasn’t spoken to Wayne in about two years, but there’s no bitterness. “I mean, I’m just chillin’, and we both just doin’ what we doin’. Ain’t no love lost, but for right now it’s JET life.”

Curren$y’s studio album Pilot Talk will release on Jul. 13.