50 Cent recently appeared on Power 105.1 to speak with Angie Martinez about his ongoing feud with Floyd Mayweather. 

“He could read,” 50 said. “I don’t want to hurt him, Ang, but he do things that aggravate me.” 

Later in the interview, when he is told he backtracked on the reading statement, 50 added: “He could read a little bit. Okay, then he can’t read. Not Cat In The Hat. Nothing.” 

50 also spoke about why he doesn’t think Floyd should “play” with him.

“I know so much that you should never play with me,” he says. “There’s so many things I could do to him and just talk about that people would look at him completely different after that, that he shouldn’t do that.” 

Despite the feud, 50 says he would never discredit his skills as a boxer.

“We cannot take away who he is,” 50 explains. “He is one of the best fighters in our actual time.” 

During the interview, 50 also comments on rappers involving kids in feuds. In particular, 50 spoke about people who disrespect Blue Ivy.

“I cringe at it,” he says. “Never say nothing about…She is the biggest star of that family. Blu.” 

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