It(TM)s been quite some time since Chicago rappers Common and Kanye West collaborated on a record together. And during a recent interview with Power 105.1(TM)s The Breakfast Club, Common revealed that even though he and Ye haven(TM)t worked together in a while, the two are still on good terms.

He then stated that he prefers to work with the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist when he(TM)s in the zone and motivated to create new music.

After addressing the status of his relationship with Kanye, Common was then asked how he feels about the rapper(TM)s numerous rants. He applauded Kanye for speaking his mind and added that he(TM)s always been one to share whatever is on his mind.

oeWe ain(TM)t worked together in a long time, Common said. oeBut, you know, that(TM)s my guy. But it(TM)s like for me I like working with Ye when he in that zone and want to workHe gotta be motivated. Ye is that type of person that(TM)s gotta”like he been working on his music, but if he like ~Man, come on Rash. Let(TM)s do this. Let(TM)s do this.(TM) Then I(TM)m with it, but if not then I(TM)m just like ~Man, we good. We friends. We ain(TM)t gotta work(TM)I like the fact that he speaking his mind. I(TM)m like ~Yo man, speak your mind.(TM) I think for me it(TM)s like showing a certain courage to go out there and just say what you feeling, man. And that(TM)s what it is. He always been like that too, so I ain(TM)t never”I don(TM)t never be like ~Man, don(TM)t do you.(TM) Cause he been like that since I known him. He [used to] come to my basement not saying some of the exact same things, but he(TM)ll just say whatever(TM)s on his mind.

Common also spoke on his relationship with producer No I.D., another artist he hadn(TM)t worked with for quite some time up until recently. He said that at one point he and No I.D., who executive-produced Common(TM)s newly released album Nobody(TM)s Smiling, oeweren(TM)t cool.

oeWhat(TM)s good though with No I.D.”Obviously, I grew up with him since fourth grade, he said. oeAnd now we kinda went our separate ways for a second after three albums and then we got back together after he was working with Ye. But man, one thing about him being an exec at the label is kinda I work smarter. Because before you be in the studio recording, using up your budget. But now you got somebody that knows how record companies work. And it(TM)s a lot of good insight that you get from having somebody. Plus man, they care about Hip Hop It was definitely for a while we weren(TM)t cool, point blank. And I ain(TM)t know when we was gonna hook back up, but it was luck. It was just like man, he was working with Ye in the studio and we just started getting back coolOne thing when I(TM)m working with him he can always go back to ~Come on man, you that Southside”You that guy from the crib, man.(TM) He reminds me of what we did this for and what we do it for.

With his tenth studio album, Nobody(TM)s Smiling now available, Common says he(TM)s now hoping to try his luck on Broadway.

oeI wanna do Broadway, the Windy City rapper said. oeI(TM)mma do Broadway as an actor, but also I(TM)m looking at producing some Broadway plays because I(TM)m getting into that as far as my live performance. Making it more theatre-like. You know? Cause I been rocking shows for a long time. So, I wanna bring something new to the table for the audience tooI do check out theatre and that(TM)s why I wanna do some theatre myself.

Released today (July 22), Nobody(TM)s Smiling, Common(TM)s first album as an artist signed to Def Jam, received a 4.5 star rating on HipHopDX.

Common(TM)s interview on The Breakfast Club can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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