Some may wonder how singer Chris Brown and Drake were able to reconcile such harsh differences the two had so quickly. And just in time for the ESPY Awards.

Now, we may have some insight into how things came to light. According to a video posted by TMZ, producer Mally Mall said he was the one who initiated a peace summit between Brown and Drake at his house in Las Vegas.

“They were in Vegas and that’s where we squashed the beef and stuff,” Mally said when asked about mediating the talks. “They working on a project, I can’t really talk about what they’re working about or what’s going on. It’s going to be some dope shit though for sure… It’s all love man, it’s all love man, it’s definitely all love.”

Interestingly, when asked whether Rihanna’s name was brought up in the discussion between Drake and Brown, Mally Mall said “everyone gets the picture” alluding to his belief of Rihanna’s instability with relationships.

“I think everyone gets the picture now,” he said. “You act like a jump off, you get treated like one you know what I’m saying?… It’s just like the song ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.'”

Mally Mall has worked with both artists in the past. He is slated to release his next project Mally’s World next month.

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