VladTV caught up with SMACK/URL’s Smack White following the Eminem-backed Total Slaughter event July 12 in New York. In the interview, the URL founder thanked Joe Budden for getting into the ring and raising the awareness of the culture to another level. 

“I would like to give Joe Budden a special shout-out for even taking a chance in this [and] basically making the transition from being a mainstream artist coming into the battle culture and battling a top-tier artist like Hollow [Da Don], so shout-out to him,” Smack White says. “You gotta give Joe Budden props for doing it. By him doing that, it’s raised the awareness of the battle culture to another level.”

Smack White also commented on the rematch between Murda Mook and Loaded Lux, saying he gives the win to Mook, 3-0. 

“Both of them is dope emcees,” he says. “They both came with it but I just think [Murda] Mook was more energetic. He had more to get off his chest. Mook didn’t battle since two summers ago… I definitely give that one to Mook, hands down. Probably 3-0… It wasn’t even debatable. Gotta give it to Mook.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Smack White discusses Total Slaughter’s “No Entourage Policy.”

To read the full article and watch the interview, visit Battle Rap.

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