Daylyt’s Spawn suit that he wore at Total Slaughter Saturday (July 12) stirred a lot of conversation in the Battle Rap culture.  

In KOTD’s “Talk Back” official battle discussion group, Troy Daniels, also known as KOTD’s King Fly, made a post explaining the story behind Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character.

A day after the post, Daylyt shared it on his personal Facebook profile with the following caption: “Only a few will understand my plans.”

One of the commentators of Troy Daniels’ post linked back to an LA Weekly interview where Daylyt talks about his connection to Spawn. He also adds that his trademark is doing something different in the third round. 

“People follow me because they’re waiting to see what I do in the third round,” Daylyt said. “I see the feedback, all the hate, and hate travels farther than love. I would have a format of one battle they hate me, the next make them love me. It’s almost as if I have full control over the entire Internet right now.”

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