Billboard has listed the five best things about Jay Z and Beyonce’s recent concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The “On the Run” tour continued at MetLife for a second consecutive performance last night after Jay Z made a surprise appearance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival yesterday

Among the listed highlights, Billboard named the couple’s playing out their relationship struggles at the top.  

Alongside their popular love anthems, Billboard wrote that “they are honest enough to let us know that that [sic] not everything about them is honey sweet. B’ performs ‘Resentment,’ a combative ballad about finding out a lover has cheated on her. She follows with a cover of Lauryn Hill’sEx-Factor,’ transitioning from being angry at Jay to feeling just plain deserted and alone. In turn, Jay dusts off ‘Song Cry,’ a song from 2001 album, Blueprint, about dealing with a good girl he’s turned bad because of his unfaithful ways.”

Billboard also notes that Jay and Beyonce play out their “On the Run” trailer plot line with a mix of video backing and live guests.

“Like the ‘On the Run’ trailer they released months back suggests, their concert’s plotline revolves criminal couple [sic] Jay Z and Beyonce, who rob banks by day and make love at night,” Billboard wrote. “As Beyonce begins one robbery during a scene, she yells, ‘Get down, motherfucker!’ In another, she teases Jay as a [sic] makes a dirt road payphone call while Kanye West’s naughty ‘Hell of a Life’ beat plays. The dramatic clips, montages and scenes range from ‘Bonnie and Clyde’-like to ‘The Great Gatsby’ cabaret-ish, with dance scenes that include flappers and old-timey grooving (superstar party guests like Diddy and Swizz Beatz included). They all add a fun cinematic touch to the concert.”

The couple’s nod to recent Rowdy Rebbel single “Shmoney Dance” also earned a spot on Billboard’s best of list.

“Sure, Jay and Beyonce are busy making albums and closing major business deals,” Billboard wrote. “But that doesn’t mean they aren’t up on current events or even that they don’t have to time peep the latest Vine sensations. Over the last two weeks in hip-hop, nothing has brought more cheer than Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Shmoney Dance’ and both singer and rapper referenced it. B’ bopped in Shmurda fashion (sans hat, though) during ‘Flawless,’ while Jay coolly rapped ‘Come Shmoney Dance with the good fellas’ during ‘FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.’ Both moves were pretty subtle. But fans quickly noticed and took to social media to shout out the two for the breezy references.”

To read the full list, visit Billboard.

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