While denying any involvement in the incident, Lush One addressed the recent fight between Dizaster and Math Hoffa at a battle last month. Speaking with VladTV about the fight, Lush said that Dizaster “has to responsibility for it.”

“Honestly, at the end of the day, once again Dizaster is my homeboy, but he’s a grown-ass man,” he said. “We all saw the video. Dizaster hit Math. Math didn’t hit himself. Just like whatever Math did in the past, he owned up for his actions and I hope Dizaster does the same thing. Although there is animosity, what that looks like to me is that Math got in Diz’s head and fucked with him to the point where Diz couldn’t take it and he flipped his shit. Even if Math was antagonizing him, even if Math was fucking with him…Diz ultimately is the one that threw the punch. He has to take responsibility for it. I understand what he was trying to allude to and metaphorically that makes sense or whatever, but it seems like if I was him, I would just take responsibility for it. He did what he did. It is what it is.”

During the interview, Lush One also condemned fighting in Battle Rap and said they have nothing to do with each other.

“If grown men have a score to settle that can’t be talked out and there’s nothing else you can do, it makes sense for them to fight, right?” he said. “But not in the way it went down. That’s not the proper forum for the fight. Battle Rap has nothing to do with fighting. Battle Rap is the antithesis of fighting. So we can’t have that in the mix. Period. That’s it.”

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