Rick Rubin has filed legal documents to change his name from Frederick Jay Rubin, according to TMZ

Rubin hopes to make his nickname his legal name, the report says. 

Rick Rubin has not commented on the name change. 

Recently, Rubin praised Kanye West, who he’s been collaborating with. “From a creative standpoint I can’t think of anyone who has come out—who has been more consistently great from the time they started making music until now,” he said. “I can’t think of anyone else. I think he’s the most consistently great, creative person in music today.” 

Rubin also praised another rapper he’s worked with, Eminem. 

“Maybe the best rapper of any emcee,” Rubin said. “He may be the best…He’s very hyper-critical of detail. And hears the music in a very deep way. And hears internal rhythms in tracks. And writes words to work on so many different levels rhythmically within what’s going on musically. To where if we change a little thing in the track to better the track it might not work in his mind how it relates to what he’s saying and how he’s phrasing. His phrasing is so glued to the music and written that way. Like he just sees it as not just riding the flow. It’s much more complex. And he’s always writing. He’s always writing—Not when he’s making an album. He’s always writing in life. He’s got these notebooks he carries around and he’s always writing. And he said to me he knows probably 99 percent of it, 98 percent of it will never be used for anything. But he wants his facility to be there so that when he needs to write something it’s like practice.”

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