As G-Unit prepares its upcoming album and mixtape, Young Buck has addressed how the G-Unit reunion makes him feel.

“It’s a good look,” Buck says on Whoolywood Shuffle. “First and foremost, it ain’t no bullshit where it’s about a check. You know what I’m saying? From the very beginning, 50′s always been the big brother. You know, shit happens and that’s what happened.

“But real shit always makes yourself stronger…in some kind of way,” he adds. “Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes it do, but if it’s real, it’s always gonna be there and that’s what it was…We movin’, my nigga. G-Unit, nigga. That’s what it’s been.”

When discussing the group’s musical output recently, Buck says: “Man, that nigga 50 got a nigga slavin’. You know how that nigga is. That nigga workin’.” 

G-Unit reunited at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2014 following internal feuds. 

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