50 Cent says he has “big” plans with actress Lela Rochon. The G-Unit emcee made this announcement yesterday (July 7) on Instagram. In the caption to his post, which features a photograph of 50 and Rochon, the emcee says the following: 

“Me and Lela Rochon just kicking it.big things in the works.”

Rochon has been in several films, including Any Given Sunday, Waiting To Exhale and Harlem Nights. Rochon was also on several television programs, including 21 Jump Street, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and The Sinbad Show.

50 Cent has also had his hand in film and television. He’s acted in movies, including Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, Righteous Kill and Blood Out. He’s also an executive producer of the STARZ drama, Power

Recently, actor Omari Hardwick spoke about 50 Cent’s involvement with Power

“It was pretty amazing,” Hardwick said. “He’s tried… and proven in other parts of his life, as a mogul, as a Rap artist. It was really interesting for me to see him take on the executive producer hat of a show like this. He had done producing before…but to see him be active and take my phone call on the dime…If I’d call and go, ‘We really need you on the set today.’ We have an incredible cast, so it wasn’t just me, it would be me speaking for the cast and going, ‘Folks need your energy today.’ And he’d be down in like 30 minutes. He was really active…He’s great to work with.” 

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