With a fight last week against Dizaster still making headlines, Math Hoffa is scheduled to battle O-Red this weekend for the RBE league’s “Lift His Soul” event. Addressing his opponent and plans for the match-up in an interview with VladTV, Math Hoffa said nobody really cares about O-Red.

“I don’t really care about O-Red,” he said. “I really don’t. That’s the problem with O-Red. You don’t really care. If you look at the people he’s battled, he doesn’t really have wars with anybody. When he gets the name that he wants that’s gonna take him to the next level, they don’t really care. I’m gonna care about you O-Red. I’m gonna give you something. I’m gonna give you a battle. I’m gonna school you. I’m gonna teach you a few things. There’s things that you don’t know. You’ve gotten to the point where you should be one of those top niggas, but you’re still like in the shadows lurking. I could be gone for a year and you’re still in the same fucking spot dog. It’s crazy. But yeah, we gon’ help you out.”

Later in the interview, Hoffa detailed his own view of his status in the industry, saying, “I’m the show.”

“I feel like, after everything that I’ve been through, most of my competition is not the show,” he said. “I feel that at this point, I’m the show. It’s about what I do. It’s not even so much analyzing and studying my competition because it’s so much of an expectation on me. So much of a, ‘What is Math gonna do?’ factor to it.”

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