Speaking for the first time since punching Math Hoffa following their battle at King Of The Dot’s “BOLA 5” event Saturday (June 28), Dizaster spoke on the phone with Rap Grid and details the commotion of what happened. 

“He kept on doing funny shit at the end of my round, he was distracting me, I remember I was distracted,” Dizaster says. “I was trying to remember my shit and then I just said that. I was like, ‘I should just punch you,’ while I’m trying to remember my final thing ‘cause I still had one scheme after I punched him. I’m trying to remember it and he’s just like, ‘Do it!’ Then I couldn’t remember anything at all. As soon as he said, ‘Do it’ the first time, automatically my attention looked at him. When I looked at him, he just looked at me dead in my eyes and he was like, ‘Do it.’ It was like me and him were the only two in the room, bro. Everything got blacked out again. 

“I just looked at him bro and I just fuckin’ swung,” Dizaster continues. “It just happened, dawg. I don’t even know how to explain it. The best way I can explain it is it was just an instinctive reflex of all the shit that was built in.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Dizaster recalls “laughing” and even taking a picture with Math Hoffa prior to their battle and discusses why himself and his opponent appear to be cool with each other in the Eminem-backed “Total Slaughter” event. 

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