Chingy says many people don’t know that is been in school for years, studying numerology. 

“If you’re not an open-minded person, you don’t understand these things or get it, and some people just think you’re talking crazy, but I’ve always thought the planets, the stars, everything, these things go along with us,” Chingy says in an interview with XXL. “Without the sun, you and me wouldn’t be here. So the sun plays a major role in our lives in some ways; it provides heat—it’s good, because it provides heat—if you use too much of the heat, it can be bad for you. So that’s where you get that good and evil. And I’ve always said life has its polarity, and that’s good and evil and there are degrees in between it. But like I said, the planets and everything, they play a role in our lives, and we don’t—and a lot of people don’t, because they don’t go to school and study things like that to see what these things mean—they have no knowledge about it, so they just dismiss it.”

Chingy says he has been interested the stars and the moon for a long time. This prompted him to do research about it and now he attends a school called Khemetian Scientists under Dr. Phil Valentine, whom he calls his master teacher. The university refers to itself as “the first educational institution of its kind to stream its classes live, online and in real time.”

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The school’s self-proclaimed objective is as follows: “Our objective is to educate, encourage and be a major positive influence in the lives of all, with a focus on the underserved and indigenous peoples around the globe, as well as to instruct and certify teachers who will forward a legacy of excellence through the coming decades.” 

Chingy is prepping the release of Fulldekk Fullosiphy, a mixtape he calls a compilation. 

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