The revival of The Arsenio Hall Show lasted only one year but many know of his original 90s version. That show brought through many different people including numerous rap acts over the years.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Arsenio Hall recalled his most memorable shows including one featuring a mesh of numerous prestigious emcees and groups from the 1990s.

“The coolest thing anyone’s ever done for me was done by Queen Latifah,” Arsenio said when asked about his most memorable moments on the show. “She called me on the phone and she said, ‘Can I produce a segment?’ Yeah, you’re Queen Latifah, come on Dana what is it? She said, ‘I can’t tell you, I just need you to hook me up with one of your producers, let me do this and stay out of it.’ I said, ‘Ok.’ She called 20 rappers and talked them into coming to my show to say thank you to me before I left and they called it a Rap All-Star something something but it was everybody man. It was everybody including some people that aren’t here anymore like Ol’ Dirty Bastard. It was a great night.” Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Das EFX, KRS-One, YoYo and Naughty By Nature, among others were some of the acts who performed on the show.

Hall also recalled a show he did featuring MC Hammer, among others called “We’re All In The Same Gang” where rappers called on gang members to cease violence.

“One time I did something called “We’re All In The Same Gang” where Hammer and a bunch of people came,” he said. “It was rappers saying, ‘Put down your guns, put down your weapons, we’re all in the same gang,’ and we had a truce where there was no gang violence at least for a few days [laughs]. We did what we could do.”

During the beginning of the interview, Arsenio noted that Will Smith was the biggest Hip Hop interview he ever did, saying he went further than any other artist did who began their career as a rapper.

The Arsenio Hall Show was recently cancelled after only one season on Fox. Previously, Arsenio had his original show of the same name from 1989 to 1994.

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