Troy Ave, a 2014 XXL Freshman, recently addressed Game dissing the entire 2014 XXL Freshman class. 

It was really hearsay, what I heard, but it was something to the effect of the class is soft and they’re not Weezy. He came in with Young Jeezy and all types of stuff like that. It sounds like shenanigans to me. I ain’t really heard it so I cant even speak on it fully until I hear the record and see what he talking ’bout. It aint affecting nothing that I’m doing over here for this New York City and this East Coast environment that I got on fire.

Game’s lyrics on “Bigger Than Me” are as follows:  

“Old lost ass niggas,” Game raps on the track. “Voice crack when you talk ass niggas / Rollin’ blunts for the boss ass niggas / I came in with ‘Ye, Jeezy and boss ass niggas / Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft ass niggas / Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises / Mute BET Cyphers, ’cause I don’t wanna hear that shit.” 

Troy Ave Compares T.I. Bond With 50 Cent’s Work With Dr. Dre & Eminem

During the interview, Troy Ave also speaks about linking with T.I.

“T.I. just reached out,” Ave says. “He seen what I was doing…He just reached out like a real one should…We just been kickin’ it ever since and the vibe’s been right…It kind of got the feel when 50 had to go with Eminem and Dr. Dre to get put on.” 

Last week, T.I. addressed the likelihood of Troy Ave signing with his Grand Hustle imprint. “I can say that it is a possibility,” T.I. said at the time. “In the near future there could be some announcements made. In the near future there could be, among others.”

The interview is below. 

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