With a scheduled battle in place for later this month at KOTD’s BOLA 5 event (June 28), Cortez spoke with VladTV about his expectations for the Math Hoffa versus Dizaster battle.

As the two rappers have traded disses on Twitter and in interviews in recent weeks, Cortez addressed the possibility that the battle would get physical.

“I think Dizaster is great at selling a card the same way Math is great at selling a card,” Cortez said. “I think they do wanna kill each other so they’re talking their shit. But, I think the day of, when they get in the ring together, that shit goes out the window. I think it’s a mutual respect. Dizaster has been out here. Math has been out there. We was in the house together. It’s bigger than that and I think a lot of people know that. I don’t think anything’s gonna happen. I don’t think Dizaster is gonna try to egg Math on. I think Math is trying to learn to be bigger than that. Only one way to tell is when the camera’s on and the nigga’s in your face. Dizaster’s wild. I don’t think it’s nothing crazy, I think they’re both gonna put on a show like they wanna kill each other but I don’t think anything physical could happen.”

During the interview, Cortez also offered his prediction of the battle, saying, “I think Hoffa just knows that, yo, it’s time to stop playing with niggas.”

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