With its national television debut out of the way, Shady Films and WatchLOUD have released the first episode of Road to Total Slaughter online. 

Featuring cameos from DJ Kay Slay and Slaughterhouse, the pilot featured an unexpected first battle between T-Rex and Cortez in the reality show’s house basement. 

During the premiere, Dizaster compared the quick and current rise of the Battle Rap industry to the recent success of mixed martial arts promotion company UFC

“You know all the UFC fighters you see right now getting millions of dollars?” Dizaster asked while sitting down with several of the cast members. “Nine to ten years ago, they were just like us. In the beginning when they were already socking people out and were known as the strongest people, they were still living—you think those UFC fools were getting paid like that? But now they’re getting millions…The bottom line is, they were at a point where they didn’t have it and now they’re millionaires and that’s what’s gonna happen with us. You just gotta stick with it.”

Visit Battle Rap to read the full story and watch the first episode of Road to Total Slaughter online.