With the Road to Total Slaughter reality series now airing on Fuse, Dizaster spoke with WatchLOUD and predicted that Joe Budden will lose 3-0 or 2-1 to Hollow Da Don at the Total Slaughter event next month. During his explanation, Dizaster detailed feeling like industry rappers don’t have the experience in the Battle Rap setting to last three rounds.

“First round is gonna be crazy,” he predicted of the Slaughterhouse emcee’s performance. “But inside the second and third round, it’s gonna be too long for him of a battle. Being inside it, once he’s there, it’s gonna start catching up to him. He’s not gonna be able to pull through the whole thing. You cannot just jump in. You need conditioning for that. His first round is gonna be fire. After that, he’s gonna get obliterated. So, if it’s not a 3-0 it’ll be a 2-1 for Hollow, second and third round. If [Joe Budden] wins a round, it’ll be the first round. That’s it…Because he’s not conditioned to do that.

“Keeping that same mentality and sting, he’s not gonna be able to do that,” he later said. “Canibus wasn’t able to do that. Nobody will be. To be honest with you, you look at how [Loaded] Lux came back, anybody that hasn’t done it or that’s trying to come back, it’s gonna be the same shit for them. When Lux came back, he choked miserably. When Mook came back, we fell asleep through all five of his rounds, but he still made it ‘cause he’s actually a conditioned battler.”

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