Ahead of their battle next month for the premiere Total Slaughter event in New York, Joe Budden has derided his opponent frequently.

Last month, the Slaughterhouse emcee took to Twitter to claim that he doesn’t have as much material for Hollow Da Don given his standing in the industry.

While the battle rapper responded in kind himself, he again addressed the claim in a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star.

“You can’t define another man’s success,” Hollow said. “At the end of the day success is not about money and fame to me. If it was, I would just be low-balling niggas trying to get all the money and all the battles I could. But it’s not about money and fame for my success. My success is about being real to myself, true to what I want to do and not changing for nothing. It’s how you define success. It’s on you. Every man’s own success is defined by him. So, don’t do that. Joey, stay in place. Your success is not that huge. Calm down. I don’t know if Love And Hip Hop got you, but slow it down Joey. But lyrically we all know Joey’s nice. Let’s get to the battle. Stop talking shit, Joe.”

During the interview, Hollow Da Don also explained his role in Drake’s Started From The Bottom” having connected the song’s producer Mike Zombie with the Nothing Was The Same rapper. To read the full story visit Battle Rap.