Hopsin was recently asked to name an album that changed his life. 

“Had to be The Marshall Mathers LP, the original one,” Hopsin says in an interview with XXL. “The album, it was just—I used to listen to it religiously, and everything that Eminem said on it was just ill. It taught me how to rap. It guided me on how to get my mind right after dropping out of high school. I read between all the negativity on the album and saw the positive stuff. That he actually came from nothing, and it really inspired me. Just knowing that he came from nothing and made himself into one of the biggest rappers.” 

In October 2013, Hop spoke with HipHopDX about his appreciation for Eminem.

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“I’m probably the biggest Eminem fan in the whole entire world,” he said at the time. “I love Eminem. His music’s made an impact on my life and definitely plays a big part of who I am today.” 

In November 2013, Hopsin spoke about the impact Eminem has had on the Rap industry. “Eminem is like 50 percent of the fuckin’ Rap game, if you ask me,” he said. 

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