When The-Dream was stopped and asked about domestic violence allegations made by his former partner Lydia Nam, the singer-writer-producer addressed the matter. He was asked if the allegations are false. 

“Of course they are [false],” he says in an interview with TMZ. “I’m a lovely person.”

The-Dream’s child’s mother, Nam, has released images she says showcase the impact of his abuse. When asked where The-Dream thinks those bruises came from, the singer says the following: “I don’t know, man,” he says. “They all told me, ‘You get this much money, just know somebody gonna always want it.'” 

Nam says The-Dream punched, kicked and strangled her during an argument while the woman was pregnant with The-Dream’s child. In the photos, Nam appears to have bruises on her body and scratches on her neck and on her face. According to Nam’s criminal complaint, The-Dream pulled her hair and dragged the woman by her hair, as well. She claims he choked her with a necklace, kicked her and punched her in the head and that he also pinned her against a wall, among other things. To view the photos, click here

The-Dream has proclaimed his innocence in the incident. 

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