With news of Gucci Mane striking a plea deal that will keep him behind bars into 2016, Charlamagne Tha God reacted in an interview with VladTV and said “that’s what happens when you about that life.”

“When you about that life, that’s what happens,” Charlamagne said. “You end up in jail or dead. I don’t care if you rapping. I don’t care if you trapping. I don’t care what you doing. If that’s the life you choose to lead, it’s eventually gonna catch up to you. I don’t understand why brothers can’t understand the fact, or even just accept the fact, you can still be a man without having to commit crimes. That actually is a problem. Everybody wants to be a goon, thug, hood nigga, real nigga. Just be a man. Be a real man. It’s cool. Real men know how to move as real men. Real men won’t allow themselves to be disrespected. Real men aren’t punks. But when you wanna do that goon, thug shit: pop pills, drink lean, ride around with guns, all that other shit knowing that you ain’t supposed to be moving like this—especially if you’re on probation—this is what happens. These are the consequences of your actions. Don’t feel sorry for him, at all. Hate to see brothers go to jail on any level unless they really doing some serious shit. But he caused that on himself.

“I’ve told y’all this before, when Gucci’s out he’s visiting,” he went on. “When he’s in  jail he’s home. Gucci just went back home and decided to take a longer stay. I’ve told ya’ll this before. This is what happens. This is what he does.”

Asked if he thinks the rapper belongs in jail, Charlamagne said it “clearly doesn’t” help.

“Nah, nobody belongs in jail unless you a pedophile, child molester, rapist, psychopathic serial killer murderer,” he said. “Those guys belong in jail. I don’t think he belongs in jail. I don’t even think jail helps Gucci Mane. It clearly doesn’t. I don’t know what he needs. I don’t know if Gucci’s on drugs. I don’t know if he’s really mentally unstable.”

Speaking on rumors of Gucci Mane suffering from bipolar disorder, the radio show host said that he likely “needs help, not jail.”

“If he’s been feeling unstable then he needs to be in some type of rehabilitation,” he said. “He needs help, not jail. Once he put that tattoo on his face, that ice cream cone, we knew something was wrong. Like really wrong.”

Recalling his own experience with the Gucci, Charlamagne said “there’s no way in hell I’d be having a conversation with Gucci after five o’clock.”

“I remember Gucci came to The Breakfast Club,” he said. “He was like, ‘Man I want y’all to come to my album release party and my mixtape release party. It’s gonna be at such-and-such club in Atlanta.’ I’m like, ‘Man, what the fuck I look like?’ There ain’t no way in hell. I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody. I don’t wanna be around that type of shit there. Not at all.”

Last month, Gucci Mane pled guilty to a gun possession charge in return for an agreed-upon 39 month long sentence. With a sentencing hearing scheduled for July, the Trap House artist will be granted a 10 month credit for time served.

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