In an interview with VladTV, rapper Math Hoffa said that despite past footage of Justin Bieber making racist remarks, he doesn’t think the R&B singer is racist.

“He was a kid,” he said. “Obviously whoever’s filming, they was down with that shit. It was a conglomerate of people who felt like this shit was funny. ‘Cause when he made the joke, ain’t nobody say, ‘Yo, don’t say that that shit. What the fuck is wrong with you? You crazy? You can’t do that. You’re Justin Bieber.’ No, there was people in the room that was like, ‘Yeah, I heard it yesterday, it’s still funny.’ So, he’s a kid. Who is he around to feel comfortable doing this type of stuff or makes him feel comfortable doing that type of stuff? So, now that he’s older, I mean, he’s walking out with [Floyd] Mayweather. He might be just doing that for business or whatever but I don’t feel like he’s racist. I just don’t get that vibe. You never know. I don’t think he’s racist. I just think he was a kid making a joke amongst people who makes those types of jokes around him so he joined in and thought, ‘Hey, I can make some funny nigger jokes, too.’”

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