Alongside an explanation of why he thinks the Eminem- and Slaughterhouse-backed Total Slaughter event next month will help Battle Rap in general, King of the Dot’s Lush One also hinted that the event will act as a promotional vehicle for an upcoming Slaughterhouse album.

“It’s pretty much the same fans of Slaughterhouse are fans of Battle Rap because it’s the fans that are into the art of lyricism,” he said. “Pushing that line super tough. It’s a similar market right there. They’re not stupid. They got an album coming out. They gotta promote it somehow. They’re on Shady, I’d imagine [they have] a substantial budget. A lot of this is speculation, educated speculation you could say. That [budget is] being put wisely towards this whole thing. It’s a giant platform. That’s what it’s designed for, Battle Rap. It’s designed for promoting artists and things like that. That’s one of the reasons I got into it myself. I’m a rapper. I make music. Boom, here’s my shit. I battle so you could hear my shit. Okay, I’m done battling, I’ll host this shit and organize this shit so my partners can get some shine. And you could hear my music ‘cause it’s dope…They’re doing that same exact type of thing.”

In an interview with TheBeeShine, Lush also sympathized with insiders who have come out with criticism for the involvement of a large corporation.

“Me personally, I think it’s awesome,” he said. “I think it’s really great for Battle Rap culture. I think it’s bringing a lot—I understand why people are frustrated—but I have a few different thoughts on it.”

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