Green Label has compiled a list of “The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks Ever.”

“A decade ago, Jay Z was in the midst of retirement, and today he has risen again to be among rap’s leaders,” the story says. “Meanwhile, his one time combatant Nas was able to reclaim lost glory with Stillmatic, widely considered among his best work. Another elite comeback has been Eminem. A guaranteed platinum seller with each release, his proven star power allows him to take a hiatus whenever he chooses.”

The story also includes MF DOOM. 

“After losing a record deal as a member of old school group KMD, MF DOOM went on to tell stories of street life along with witty punch lines and zany sampling choices,” the Green Label story says. “His album Operation: Doomsday is revered as a classic 15 years after its release.”

To read the full list of “The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks Ever,” visit Green Label.