BET has published a list titled “10 Trends That 2Pac Started (Sort Of).”

The publication explains its headline with the following statement: “[Tupac] may not have invented these trademark styles, but he sure as heck made you want to imitate them. We decided to review 10 trends that ‘Pac (sort of) made popular.” 

The trends BET lists are as follows: Tying Bandanas Backwards, Stomach Tattoos, Making Songs About Mom, Starting Off With A Crew, Rocking Leather Vests, Pursuing Acting, Snapback Hats, Rocking Jerseys, Throwing Up Westside and Double Disc Albums. 

Throughout its list, BET notes Tupac wasn’t the first to participate in many of these trends. It also notes some of the trends were popular before Tupac began participating in them. For instance, when it discusses snapback hats, the site says: “Actually, these were just popular at the time, but ‘Pac’s penchant for rocking them backwards did have some pull. The iconic pic above was taken from the movie Poetic Justice and may have very well inspired you to wear your snapback backwards.”

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