SMACK/URL’s Night Of Main Events 4 took place Saturday (June 7) at Irving Plaza, New York. After the event, VladTV caught up with DNA, who battled against Ill Will early on in the night. Although the battle is yet to be released, reactions from people who were present suggest that DNA comfortably got the win. 

Speaking on the battle, the Queens, New York native said he knew he had to show up against a rapper like Ill Will. 

“I just want everybody that doubted me, please apologize, man,” he says. “As human beings, one thing we hate is apologizing but you gotta do it. Honestly man, with Smack, Norbes, a lot of fans that I know are fans of me doubted me in this battle, so I definitely had to show up, man. I really took this serious. Ill Will is somebody that a lot of people held in high regard and he’s a talented emcee, so I definitely had to show up tonight and I did.

“I just know that out of everybody that battled him, he never battled nobody that was aggressive to, with lines,” he continues. “So I knew if I put that real pressure on him, it was gon’ be one of two things. He was gon’ respond or he was gon’ crack and it just so happened that he cracked because I took the life out of him. That’s what I was trying to do cause I was really gon’ see where he was at after the first round.”

Elsewhere in the interview, DNA thanks Smack White for doubting him, discusses the matchup between Cortez and T-Rex and has a few words for fans that are still skeptical. 

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