Although Queens rapper 50 Cent has spoken extensively on his newly-released album Animal Ambition and the recent G-Unit reunion, the G-Unit lyricist recently took some time to speak on sports during his appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” this week.

50 Cent first offered his thoughts on the NBA Finals and shared his belief that the Miami Heat will win tonight’s (June 12) game against the San Antonio Spurs by approximately six points.

“I like the Heat,” he said. “Just watching them actually play—I mean, being down one game in the actual series doesn’t mean very much to me. Not in the early stages anyways. So, I think when they come home tonight that they gonna get it together. And they’ll feel that energy that’s in the actual room. And actually perform on a different level. I watched them come back from a 30-point deficit in the last game…I think they gonna win by six.”

With his connections to professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent was asked to share his thoughts on the possibility of a fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. He says the probability of a fight between the two boxers has gotten higher and added that now “would be a good time” for such a fight.

Prior to speaking on the possibility of Mayweather versus Pacquiao, 50 shared his plans to release a film titled Southpaw with help from director Antoine Fuqua and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Earlier this year, it was announced that Gyllenhaal would be replacing Eminem in the film, which Em was involved in prior to the film being put on hold for years.

“Actually, I’m working on a film project right now with Antoine Fuqua and Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw,” 50 Cent said. “Yeah, It’s boxing…It’s probably a high probability to look at that fight now. And what you said earlier about Cotto and Martinez, that fight. It definitely brings the excitement level back to the sport when you see that competitive type of energy…I think now it would be a good time for them to actually make that move…I mean, when you the name—Floyd Mayweather knows he’s the name. He knows that people are going out to see Floyd Mayweather fight. Whether they’re fans of his or they just can’t wait for the opportunity to see him lose.”

50 Cent’s interview on “First Take” can be viewed in two parts on HipHopDX here and here

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