As he prepares for the United States’ World Cup 2014 run, Jozy Altidore spoke with XXL about his love for Hip Hop.

“Lyricism and wordplay are the best,” Altidore, a 6’1″ forward from Boca Raton, Florida says. “I liked people who can tell me a story and be clever through their rhymes. Look at guys like Eminem, who are unbelievable. They can take you on a lyrical ride. That’s where the real talent is.” 

During the interview, Altidore was also asked about which rapper he sees as a potential successful soccer player. 

“That’s a tough one,” Altidore says. “Soccer is a sport that’s heavy in endurance, stamina and health. Hate to say it, but a lot of rappers tend to indulge themselves in things that aren’t the healthiest and probably wouldn’t keep their endurance in the right place. But that said, if I had to choose someone, I would hate to guard a guy like Eminem. He would just keep coming at you until both of you both had enough. He seems like the type of dude that wouldn’t stop for anything.” 

Beyond his appreciation for Eminem, Altidore also says he’s checking for Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Slaughterhouse, among others. 

The first World Cup 2014 game is today (June 12) as Brazil kicks things off with Croatia. The United States does not have its first game until Monday (June 16). The U.S. national team’s first game is against Ghana.

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