Following the show’s recent debut, Starz has renewed Power, a television series executive produced by 50 Cent, among others, has been renewed for a second season. 

The show has been picked up for a 10-episode second season, according to Deadline

50 Cent recently spoke about the effort with Good Day Philadelphia

“I’m really proud of this project,” he says. “I’ve been pretty much hands-on and involved with the entire process and I feel like my baby’s born. Omari was the perfect person for it. The stars lined up for me when started going through the casting process. He was the #1 person on the list for us to pick for the show.”

Omari Hardwick also recently revealed 50 Cent’s role on the program.  

“It was pretty amazing,” Hardwick said. “He’s tried… and proven in other parts of his life, as a mogul, as a Rap artist. It was really interesting for me to see him take on the executive producer hat of a show like this. He had done producing before…but to see him be active and take my phone call on the dime…If I’d call and go, ‘We really need you on the set today.’ We have an incredible cast, so it wasn’t just me, it would be me speaking for the cast and going, ‘Folks need your energy today.’ And he’d be down in like 30 minutes. He was really active…He’s great to work with.” 

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