Over the past few days, a feud has erupted between Public Enemy lyricist Chuck D and Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg. Following the growing rift between the two, radio host Star shared his thoughts on the matter as part of the New York Stays Losing Tuesday segment on his Star: Live & Direct radio show.

While speaking on Rosenberg, Star referred to him as “a little slob” and questioned why he hasn’t been slapped yet.

“The point is Chuck D is being shitted on,” Star said. “Chuck D from Public Enemy. I’m not gonna say that he’s being shitted on by a culture vulture, culture robber. Mothafuck his lack of color. Mothafuck his culture. It’s not about this. A little slob on Hot 97, with no ratings, is now taking a shit on Public Enemy. Chuck D to be exact. You niggas are gonna take this L too? Nobody’s gonna slap him in his mouth…This is what he’s gonna rely on when people bring it to him. ‘Oh, I’m just a Jew. Why me?’ Let’s bypass all that shit. A bitch ass slob who’s contributed nothing to the culture of Hip Hop is calling out Chuck D, my nigga.”

Star later recalled his time spent at Hot 97 and an on-air interview with Chuck D. He says that even though the Public Enemy rapper said “some sideways shit” he let it slide because of who Chuck D was.

“When I got to Hot 97 it was strictly a gangster move,” he said. “I was nobody’s intern. Nobody’s boy. I gangstered that fuckin morning show. And they gave it to me because I threatened to leave and go to WKTU. When I got on the microphone even though I had a problem with the Hip Hop culture and rap music I showed respect to niggas like Grand Wizard Theodore, fuckin Kool Herc, Starsky. Chuck D came on my show and truth be told he said some sideways shit. And you know what, my nigga? I let it ride cause it was Chuck D.”

Following the Hot 97 Summer Jam music festival, Chuck D criticized the annual event and called it “a sloppy presentation of the art form,” during an interview with Billboard. Upon hearing Chuck D’s Summer Jam critique, Rosenberg responded on-air yesterday (June 10) during his The Realness segment and accused the rapper of “trolling.”

“Listen, Chuck, I respect the hell out of you, but you sir are trolling and you are above that… Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop,” Rosenberg said. “We love you, you’re a father of this game. You contributed. But we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop.”

Chuck D immediately fired back with a handful of tweets sent last night.

Video of Star addressing Chuck D versus Peter Rosenberg can be found below (via Vlad TV).

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