Speaking with Battle Rap for an exclusive about his match against Caustic at KOTD Vendetta 2: Redemption event, Aye Verb explained having only two weeks to prepare.

“The headline was supposed to be with Shotty,” Aye Verb said. “Shotty was the first headliner. Me and him were scheduled to battle in like January. I couldn’t cross the border for legal stuff so when they rescheduled it, he [couldn’t] cross the border for legal stuff. They called me like two weeks out and asked me could I get ready fast for somebody else? I said, ‘Yeah, we could do that.’ That’s how Caustic came into play. That wasn’t planned or nothing like that. That was two weeks kind of thing.”

During the interview, Verb also referred to Caustic as a “jokester” and shared why he caters to the camera instead of the room while battling.

For the full story and to watch the recently released Aye Verb vs. Caustic battle visit Battle Rap.