VladTV spoke exclusively with battle rapper Daylyt about Young Thug’s feminine attire and the emergence of men wearing female clothing in Hip Hop. In the interview, the Watts, California native says that people can wear what they like, but states that they are influential and that they should know the world is following them. 

“Young Thug, I don’t know, bro…if he wore a dress, he wore a dress,” Daylyt said. “Just know that people watching you, man. So when you go to your next hood event and all your lil’ homies got on dresses, they following you. People following you, man. The world following you.”

“For you new niggas that is coming into this game, the A$AP Rockys, the Young Thugs, all these muthafucka’s that’s wearing this girl stuff—I seen Wiz Khalifa with some girl shit on, Adrien Broner had on the girl colorful shit, I don’t know, man,” he continued. “I told you, by 2017 somebody gon’ have a hit single ‘Fuck You In Yo Ass Like A Real Nigga,’ bout that life.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Daylyt discusses why scientists need to figure out a way for gay people to reproduce and how the gay community could lead to extinction among the human race. To read the full story and to watch the interview, visit Battle Rap